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Most people appreciate that high-performance electronics need a ‘brain’ in the form of a Central Processing Unit (or CPU). However, few ever consider the importance of the ‘heart’ in such systems, especially broadband wireless equipment. The reality is that they all need a highly reliable device to pump electrons around their circuits at a very precise beat. This function is typically performed by a Temperature Compensated Crystal Oscillator (TCXO).

In 2016 eoSemi understood that the market for the type TCXOs used in telecoms equipment was going to be completely changed by the emerging timing requirements of 5G, mm Wave and Precision GPS technologies. The three pillars of ‘The Internet of Things’.

Firstly, eoSemi could see that the market demand is going to grow from under 10 million units a year to more than 100M by 2025 and to more than 2Billion by 2027. The initial jump in demand caused by 5G’s requirement for a dense network of smaller cells. The later explosion enabling precision GPS and mm Wave operation in mobile handsets.

Secondly, eoSemi saw that established TCXO manufacturers can only provide the combination of frequency stability and low phase noise required by these next generation technologies by using much larger components made from more expensive materials assembled into devices which consume higher amounts of electrical energy and require complex calibration processes. This results in battery draining, space hogging devices that cost at least 10X more than the standard TCXOs that are used in the Wi-Fi and GPS modules of 4G smartphones.

Since early 2016 eoSemi has raised more than £6M ($8M) from venture investors to develop market leading Premium TCXOs that use only standard components made from low cost materials and processes. This includes the development of a custom ASIC and a lower cost Premium TCXO calibration process.

eoSemi’s mission is to be the leading supplier of Premium TCXOs therefore it has partnered with a crystal manufacturer, a packaging specialist, and a TCXO QA & Testing house. All three are independent of the major established TCXO vendors.

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