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28th August 2013 | EE Times
CMOS Timing Startup Turns to Crystal

29th June 2012 | Electronic Products
Ending the stress of quartz clock generators

14th May 2012 | EDACafe
Mentor Graphics helps eoSemi solve silicon oscillator design challenges

14th May 2012 | Electronics Weekly
UK high-tech VC funding sharply up

14th May 2012 | Wall Street Journal
Mentor Graphics helps eoSemi

14th May 2012 | VentureBeat Profiles
Mentor Graphics helps eoSemi

14th May 2012 | NorthWest Innovation
Mentor Graphics powers oscillator developer

1st May 2012 | EDN Europe
Silicon oscillator technology competes with crystals

25 April 2012 | Electronic Engineering Journal
A dinosaur is leaving footprints in your smartphone

4th April 2012 | Electronics World
eoSemi unveils silicon oscillator technology

2nd April 2012 | electronic design
Breakthrough Silicon Oscillator Eyes Mobile Market

27th March 2012 | Wireless Design and Development
Building a Successful All-CMOS Silicon Oscillator - An Age-old Problem Finally Solved

26th March 2012 | E&T Magazine
All-silicon oscillator targets stress relief in cellphone clocks

15th March 2012 | ECN
British startup unveils 30ppm all-silicon oscillator

March 2012 | EE Times
Startup Says Its Silicon Oscillator Beats Crystals, MEMS

14th March 2012 | EET Europe
eoSemi aims big with quartz crystal replacement

14th March 2012 | Components in Electronics
eoSemi unveils silicon oscillator technology

14th March 2012 | Electronics Weekly
Silicon oscillator matches quartz in phones, saves space

14th March 2012 | Microwave Engineering Europe
All-CMOS silicon oscillator replaces crystal oscillators

13th March 2012 | Markt & Technik
eoSemi: 32-kHz-Taktgeber-IC für Consumerprodukte

13th March 2012 | EE Journal
eoSemi announces shipment of first silicon

13th March 2012 | Electronics Sourcing
eoSemi unveils silicon oscillator technology

13th March 2012 | New Electronics
Silicon alternative to crystal oscillators

6th March 2012 | Electronics Sourcing
Richard Stephens joins silicon oscillator company eoSemi

23rd February 2012 | Manchester Evening News
eoSemi invention that could spell time for quartz

2nd February 2012 | EETimes
CMOS timing startup raises $2.3 million

1st December 2011 |
Alternatives to quartz: EW takes a look

20th July 2010 | Real Business
Ian Macbeth has raised additional funding

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