The company, as it is constituted today, was created when the two UK technology companies. eoSemi and Adaptalog decided to combine their interests, assets and know how.

The combination of the two sets of talents and technologies gave the company a unique ability to address one of High Tech’s most fundamental, yet unheralded, market segments: Premium TCXOs

eoSemi has the experts and expertise which will enable it to deliver a range of Premium TCXOs in time for the deployment of 5G, mm Wave and Precision GPS Technologies. This expertise includes low power analogue circuit design, low noise oscillator circuit design, silicon device physics, environmental compensation techniques, quartz crystal behaviour and TCXO characterisation.

The assembled team of engineers is working with multiple others in partner companies and is also supported by specialist contractors. All are dedicated to delivering Premium TCXOs which will change the competitive landscape of the multi-billion dollar frequency and timing product industry.

The company is currently working in a stealth mode as it implements its technology in product form and works on protecting its Intellectual property. Its key employees are universally recognised by timing industry insiders as leaders in their field. eoSemi is also working closely with established frequency product companies who are providing components, manufacturing services and marketing input.

eoSemi will make detailed public announcements about product and partnerships throughout 2020.

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