Most electronic systems and all wireless systems require discrete components to provide them with stable and accurate frequency and timing references. This is what allows them to be entirely synchronous with and therefore connected to the increasingly timing precise communications networks. Today’s global market for frequency and timing products is worth in excess of $2B, however with the emergence of 5G Cellular, 60GHz Wi-Fi, Autonomous Cars and the Internet of Things, this is forecasted to grow to least $3.5B by 2022.

eoSemi is now working to develop a complete frequency and timing product which is optimised for one of these emerging markets (other products for other markets will follow). The first samples will be with customers in the summer of 2018. This first product, as well as having the best performance in terms of frequency accuracy and stability will be half the size and consume half the energy of its nearest competitor at the time of its availability. It will cost also much less to manufacture. A combination that should allow eoSemi to dominate a number of higher performance timing markets.

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