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eoSemi attracts new investment of £2.6M

Congleton, Cheshire, UK, January 30, 2017: eoSemi, the British technology company aiming to be a major player in the $2B+ global timing and frequency products market, today closed a £2.6M funding package.

The round was led by Belgian Venture Capital Investor Capital-E. There were substantial contributions from management and NESTA, who were early investors in the company. IQD Frequency Products, a UK-based global supplier of timing products also made a significant investment.

Although the company has a very detailed business plan and is working on a highly defined product it currently prefers not to divulge publicly details of its market intentions. The company has revealed it is working in the area of Temperature Compensated Crystal Oscillators (TCXOs). With Hedley Rokos as CTO this should not be a major surprise to tech industry insiders. Hedley was responsible for developing many market leading TCXOs during his time at STL/Nortel/CMAC in Essex.

TCXOs are the devices that all wireless systems need to keep synchronised with their networks. They provide very accurate and stable frequency references which do not vary with changing environmental conditions. As wireless technology evolves the TCXO is expected to provide yet more accuracy and stability, while using less energy and space.

"With 5G, IOT, 60Gig Wi-Fi and driverless cars the size of the timing products market could double in less than a decade" said Simon Calder, CEO of eoSemi. "It also needs some new technology to meet the challenges of these emerging markets. We will provide that" he added.

The company is also moving to new premises in order to accommodate the larger team it has assembled. However, the company will remain based in Congleton, Cheshire.