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eoSemi acquires an IP portfolio from Adpatalog and attracts new funding

Congleton, UK, August 28, 2013: eoSemi, a leading developer of crystal clear silicon oscillators announced today that it has completed the acquisition of key intellectual property from Adpatalog Ltd, a British crystal oscillator (XO) technology company. As part of the agreement Hedley Rokos, Adaptalog’s founder becomes eoSemi’s CTO. Semiconductor industry veteran Simon Calder, an eoSemi board member for the last 2 years, is the company’s CEO.

The transaction was executed simultaneously with the closing of a new funding round for eoSemi worth approximately $2.5M, bringing the total invested in the company to more than $9M. eoSemi’s long term backers, Capital E, Nesta and Enterprise Ventures are being joined in the investment round by a new private investor.

eoSemi will continue to develop Complementary Metal Oxide Silicon (CMOS) technology that can replace quartz crystals in electronic systems. Prior to the acquisition of Adaptalog's IP, eoSemi has concentrated entirely on frequency drift compensation circuits for silicon only oscillators. These circuits are able to compensate for the effects of temperature, stress, strain and aging on a silicon oscillator’s frequency. The company believes that its existing technology combined with Adaptalog’s silicon characterisation expertise could reduce the frequency drift of a CMOS oscillator to less than 50 parts-per-million (ppm). This level of accuracy will facilitate the removal of quartz crystals entirely from many wireline connected electronic systems.

eoSemi’s acquisition of Adaptalog’s technology will also allow the company to address the large and growing market for optimised frequency, clock and timing solutions in the mobile device markets. The company intends to offer crystal oscillator products that enable the lowest power consumption in each of the full power, standby and sleep modes of operation. This will mean that even the most sophisticated LTE smartphone with state-of-the-art GPS and Wi-Fi can operate with only one standard crystal without any significant reduction of battery life. Most of today’s smart mobile devices require multiple crystals to meet all power consumption and accuracy requirements.

"The electronics industry has already started replacing quartz wherever possible, our mission is to greatly accelerate this process" said Simon Calder, eoSemi’s CEO "With the acquisition of Adaptalog's IP, eoSemi now has the critical mass of both IP and engineering smarts to be able to satisfy that lofty ambition."

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